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Smurfs Invitations
Smurfs Invitations
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Smurfs Party Invitations
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The Smurfs are timeless cartoon characters much beloved by kids of all ages; and they’re about to star in their own feature film! Celebrating a special event with remarkable event trimmings, designs and materials are always a great way to add fun to a festive celebration. Enjoyable designs that are perfect for guests of all ages will enhance the event and make the guests feel very special. More often than not, these colorful embellishments will add a lot of attention to the celebration. What better time to host a party so fun that it’s downright Smurfy.

Smurfs Stock Invitations
Stock Invitations for a Smurfs party should be as colorful and animated as the little blue wonders themselves. They should be produced on high quality color paper, and should bear cute, colorful images of the Smurfs—taken either from the popular 80s cartoon series or the upcoming 3-D film.

Personalized Invitations
Personalized Invitations for a Smurfs party could boast pictures of the guest of honor and friends in blue Smurf makeup or masks. Or the image of the guest of honor could be inserted in an animated Smurfs group shot.

Smurfs Invitation Etiquette
Regardless of which style of invitation the host chooses to send, its greeting must be written in Smurf lingo; inviting guests to a Smurfy party for a Smurfing good time!

Goodie Bags
Smurf Goodie Bags should be made of high quality paper or plastic, and should come emblazoned with images taken from either the classic ‘80s cartoon or the new motion picture.

Smurfs Party Favors
Party favors for a Smurfs party should be as drop dead cute and totally, well, Smurfy, as the Smurfs themselves. They could include Smurf figurines, sing-along records, glasses and lunchboxes, plush dolls, stickers, buttons, and candy-filled Pez dispensers.

Host a party that’s fun, colorful and altogether Smurfy; host a rollicking Smurfs fest today!

The Smurfs make a great theme party celebration as they have so much décor to offer. They are also great as they fit well for all age groups and genders. You can have games for the adults as well as games for the children.

We have Smurfs Invitations and party goods for Smurfs birthday parties including party favors and decorations.  Mail the birthday invitations 4 - 8 weeks prior to the event.  Keep with the Smurfs birthday feel throughout the party from the invites to the decor.  More Smurfs Invitations.  The Smurfs make amazing theme party as they are suitable for everyone, and look great at any occasion.   Smurfs theme party ideas and games.
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Custom Photo Invitations
Smurfs Birthday Party
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Smurfs Invitations

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